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Ready for massive growth in your local market? Let us grow your business with SEO and paid strategies to crush your competitors & get more leads!

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Results Matter

When considering a marketing consultant, it doesn’t matter how many likes you get on Facebook. What matters most is generating REAL customers that pay your business. That’s exactly what I provide.

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The Sky's The Limit

This client has experienced 395% growth with my SEO strategy, creating position #1 Google search rankings for a majority of his most profitable searches. He’s currently dominating his local market. 

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Ranking #2 Nationally

My work has launched this Las Vegas bath and body product brand to the number two position nationally for the term “bath bombs“, which is searched more than 85,000 times per month. 

This position is now responsible for an additional 13,000 – 17,000 visitors per month looking to buy exactly what they’re selling!

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707% Revenue Increase Y.O.Y!

When most brands were turning off ads because of COVID-19 concerns, we scaled…BIG! I helped this client generate an additional $962,587.12 in revenue through Facebook, IG and Adwords ads, and increase of 707% over the previous year.

With a lifetime value per customer of roughly $107 per year, the best is still yet to come for the brand.

More 5 Star Reviews = More Customers

With my reputation management strategy, my client has received 380+ 4 & 5 star reviews in the past year, while stopping negative reviews before they end up online.

It had previously taken nearly a decade to hit 120 reviews on their Google listing!

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marketing consultant las vegas results

Better Advertising = Better Results

For this client I have generated over 3,400 qualified leads in the past two years, allowing them to close more business and crush the competition in their local market.

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YOY Revenue Increase of Over 150%

This ecommerce company brought me in to identify revenue leaks and set them up for success in their Black Friday/Holiday push. I plugged revenue leaks and advertised in a unique way to increase their November revenue from $56,000 in 2017, to over $145,000 in 2018, and $450,000 in 2020!

Thats a 163% increase in revenue through Facebook advertising and plugging revenue leaks.

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rank #2

Ranked #2 Nationally!

This client saw an opportunity to get in front of the wave of mask manufacturers when COVID-19 began impacting everyone’s lives. We quickly added a page that could take advantage of the surge in demand for their bulk cloth face masks and bulk youth face mask products.

Within two short months they were ranking #2 in the nation for the term wholesale cloth face masks, resulting in HUNDREDS of visitors each day!

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#1 Ranked Commercial Landscaper!

Approached by a client that was nowhere to be found in the Google results for any of his services, we put together a strategy including back linking, content production and site cleanup to drive them to the #1 ranking in their area for commercial landscaping!

They’re also currently #2 for the widely searched landscaper and landscaping keywords in their area.

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Utter Domination

Want to destroy your local competitors and leave them shaking in their boots?

This client is completely DOMINATING the local beach rental market in tourist heavy Maui, HI, and vacuuming up market share like a Shop Vac.

If you’re looking to rise through the ranks to be the #1 business in your area, give me a call and let’s talk.

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552 Leads In One Day!

A local Phoenix cannabis seed and clone provider needed help capturing email addresses at a large marijuana show they were participating in. In past shows they would typically collect 20-50 names and email addresses.

My QR code and giveaway system produced a phenomenal 552 names and emails of people interested in their specific products. This gave them an amazing list of highly qualified sales opportunities with a total cost of less than $150!

They’re gearing up to be the #1 marijuana seed and clone company in the entire Phoenix metro area!

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I Generate Paying Customers For Your Business

What Can This Las Vegas Marketing Consultant Do For You?

I’m offering a free, all-encompassing digital strategy analysis. You’ll learn exactly what’s holding you back from beating your competitors and having the business growth you’ve always dreamed of. I’ll find numerous revenue leaks to plug to instantly increase your revenue to take your business to the next level!


Outrank your competitors and get a majority of the business.


Generate leads NOW with Facebook & Google ads.

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Have a site that actually turns visitors into customers.

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Las Vegas Marketing Consultant FAQ

Here are a collection of the most common questions I get about my services. If you’re ready to hire the last marketing consultant you’ll ever need, call me or send me an email to get the ball rolling and your profits growing.

Do You Offer A Guaranteee?

Great questions! Most marketing consultants will NOT be able to offer a guarantee, but I can/ When I say “can”, I mean that if I analyze your business and spot revenue leaks, I can guarantee my work will bring you more revenue.

When it comes to SEO and FB ads management, I can offer a guarantee only to brands and businesses that have a great product, great customer service and eagerness to grow.

The truth is, if your product and customer service suck, I can’t help you. 

Do You Serve Brands Outside of Vegas?

Yes! I have clients as far East as New York, to as far West as Maui. I love helping businesses in all areas thrive so the distance will not be a problem. As a Las Vegas marketing consultant I can give a discount on my services to any business in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

I am no longer accepting long term eCommerce management, but I can create a custom package to get your brand set up for success and increase revenue fast.