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Bulk PPE Supplies

We’ve partnered with some of the largest American manufacturers and importers of high quality bulk PPE supplies to get your business the protection you deserve!

We offer adult & youth cloth masks, bulk sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, shoe covers & more at phenomenal pricing!

Take a look at our offerings below then submit a request, call us, email us or chat with us today to get your PPE!

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Keeping Americans Safe From COVID-19

Our only goal is to get you the bulk PPE supplies you need at affordable pricing. With affordable pricing and fast turnaround times, you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice by buying your supplies from us.

I’ve given out your cloth masks to my staff and they’re really liking the fit. Better than I expected honestly, and shipping was fast (about 3 days). We’re burning through our disinfecting wipes already so I’ll be back for more soon. Thanks Colin!

Nicole Stuart

Our Bulk PPE Supplies

We offer a vast array of PPE supplies that are both in the United States and shipped direct from our overseas manufacturers. Start by looking through our collection below and reach out for a quote for updated pricing and shipping times.

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Adult Cloth Face Masks

3-Layer Protective Cloth Face Masks. Custom Logo Options Available!

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Youth Cloth Face Masks

3-Layer Cloth Masks For Kids. Multiple Colors Available!

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Bulk Disinfectant Wipes

75% Alcohol Sterilizing Wipes. On Sale & In Stock Now!

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Bulk Sanitizer Bottles

Multiple Sizes Available. 70% & 75% Sanitizer Gel In Stock Now!

ppe supply sanitizer tanker
Sanitizer Gel Drums, Totes & Tankers

Large Scale Domestic Sanitizer Delivered To You Within Days!

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3-Layer Surgical Face Masks

Disposable Surgical Face Masks For Daily Protection!

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Protective Face Shields

Protect Your Eyes From Airborne COVID-19 Particles. Great Pricing!

n95 mask icon ppe
N95 NIOSH Approved Respirators

Protect Your Team With The Highest Quality Masks On The Market!

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Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Keep Hands Protected With Premium Nitrile Gloves. 

shoe cover supplier
Disposable Shoe Covers

Avoid Spreading COVID-19 With Our Disposable Shoe Covers!

goggle supplier icon
Radiological Goggles

Protect Your Eyes With Our PC Lens, PVC Frame Goggles! 

isolation gown supplier icon
Isolation Gowns (Level I, II, III & IIII)

Protect In Hospital Settings With Our Isolation Gowns

bulk ppe supplies contactless thermometer icon
Infrared Contactless Thermometers

Rapid Temperature Checks For High Traffic Buildings & Institutions

ppe supplier thermometer strips icon
Disposable Thermometer Strips

Fast, Effective & Disposable Temperature Checks

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Bulk PPE Supplies Frequently Asked Questions

When buying bulk PPE supplies we understand you may have many questions. Here is a list of our most ferquently asked questions about our PPE supplies.

Great question! Most of our cloth face masks, disinfectant wipes, and all hand sanitizer is in stock in the United States and ready to ship. Other PPE items like our face shields, N95 respirators, nitrile gloves, shoe covers, etc. are typically shipped direct from overseas.

However, we do have access to PPE supplies (gloves, N95s, surgical masks, shoe covers etc.) in US warehouses that can be accessed after we establish a business relationship, after your first order. We value our existing customers and ensure that they get first access to our domestic inventory.

For all domestic products like sanitizer, wipes and cloth face masks shipping typically takes only 3-5 days after your order has been placed. For supplies that are purchased direct from our overseas manufacturers, shipping by sea can take 21-30 days, with air shipping (7-14 days) available if you need the supplies sooner.

We ship all supplies direct to the address of your choice. 

Please fill out our quote form for a personalized quote and shipping time assessment.

For large orders from overseas manufacturers we have an established protocol we prefer to follow:

  • Identify what quantities and supplies you need.
  • Agreement is made on pricing.
  • Submit a purchase order to us.
  • Purchase and Sale agreement is drafted.
  • You sign off on the agreement.
  • 50% deposit is made.
  • Funds are then submitted to manufacturer.
  • Production is completed and SGS is ordered.
  • Boat or Plane is booked
  • Customs clearance forms are then submitted.
  • SGS results are submitted to you, the customer.
  • Customer approves, and remaining 50% is paid to release the shipment to you.


Note: this process does not apply to cloth face masks or smaller orders of disinfectant wipes and sanitizer. Please call us or email for product specific information.

Yes! Every item we supply our customers has official documentation and certifications (FDA, CE, NIOSH, etc.) readily available. Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting more information on our bulk PPE supplies.

Possibly. We’ve been inundated with people asking for samples from email addresses like “moneyboymark@gmail, dirtybirdy87@gmail, etc.” which doesn’t instill confidence that the person requesting samples is the final decision maker for an institution.

For this reason we can offer samples of some items (cloth face masks, sanitizer, etc.), however we will not send FREE samples any more. We will prepare an invoice for you to pay if your request is for bulk PPE supplies that we have on hand to send as samples.