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SEO Backlink Hack: The COVID Roundup

How to quickly stack up drool-worthy, high DA backlinks from .edu, .org domains, high authority digital newspapers and tv stations. Read on to get some serious link juice flowing!

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What The Heck Is A COVID Roundup?

You may be familiar with HARO roundups, which allow you to get a good amount of high quality, DO FOLLOW backlinks from high DA sites by using Help A Reporter Out. This method I developed while working on an Ecommerce client’s backlinks can get you even juicier backlinks to send some serious link juice to your site.

The process is simple, and you can land some incredibly high DA backlinks from high authority digital newspapers (local and national), local tv station websites, .org and .edu domains with just a few minutes of outreach per day!

After the pandemic exploded in April and May of this year doctors, nurses and EMT’s were placed under insane amounts of stress, helping to combat the nasty COVID19 virus.

As a result, organizations across the US banded together to help in any way they could. So, nurses organizations, university hospitals, local newspapers and bloggers across the US started compiling lists of brands willing to help them out with discounts for their products and services.

This has presented us SEO’s that have brand and local business clients with an opportunity that may not ever happen again. These high authority domains are still maintaining roundups of coupons and discounts for frontline healthcare workers, and these pages just happen to give some serious link juice for your sites.

You can still take advantage by simply creating a coupon code or a public discount, identifying national and local roundup opportunities, then reaching out to let them know about your special offer!

Check out some domain and page level stats of just a handful of thee hundreds of opportunities just sitting there, waiting for you to take advantage of.

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How to Find These Links

The method is extremely straightforward. All you have to do is put together a list of Google searches like:

  • COVID perks for healthcare workers
  • COVID nurse discounts
  • List of pandemic discounts for nurses
  • COVID perks list

Then you simply look for all the domains offering do follow backlinks. What’s great about this is that moree often than not there is a blurb that tells you exactly who to reach out to to add your discount to the list

Now all you have to do is keep searching and gathering a list of high authority domains, create your client’s discount code or offer page, and reach out to secure your links.

If you want to increase your chances you can buy some wholesale face masks or other PPE supplies, create a sales page, and offer a discount on those specific items for nurses and healthcare workers.

These pages don’t get much traffic and the roundups are often quite large, so the likelihood of you needing to actually fulfill large orders is slim to none.

If you have local business clients, you can add in regional searches to your list like COVID perks for healthcare workers California, COVID nurse discounts New York, etc to add some local tv station and newspaper pages.

With COVID 19 surging in the Fall and Winter, it’s likely this will be a viable strategy well into 2021.

Take a look at just one of the heavy duty Chamber of Commerce links I grabbed for a client in June of this year.

Now get out there and start stacking some super high quality links for your clients, or yourself!

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