Process For Creation Of Google My Business Profile - Modesto

Step #1: Watch This Entire Video. Do Not Start The Process I Explain Yet.

Step #2: Follow The Process Above Step By Step With The Information Below

For each step in the video above you must add the bold values below EXACTLY as written.


I cannot pay you if you make a mistake with this.


Once ownership is transferred later on, I will swap your address for my client’s new Modesto address.

Here are the values you need to enter. Feel free to copy and paste:


Sign in here with your personal email address:


– Business Name: Modesto Lawn & Landscape (screenshot this)


– Business Category: Landscaper


– Do you want to add a location customers can visit?: YES (for now)


– What’s the address?: Type your EXACT home address, then take a screenshot of it once it’s filled out before moving on so I know exactly which address to remove after it is verified.


– Do you also serve customers outside this location?: YES (Choose all that are available: Salida, Riverbank, Ripon, Escalon, Oakdale, Del Rio)


– Contact Details:

Phone = 209-408-1178


Website = “” copy and paste everything in between the “”.


– Postcard Verification: Attn: Your Name


Once this is complete you’ll get a postcard via mail from Google within a few days with a link and a code to enter. Once you get the postcard let me know and I’ll tell you what to do next.


Once you tap “Mail” just sign out until you receive the postcard in the mail. Do not make any changes to the profile. Just sign out and wait for the postcard.


Once finished with the profile setup, email the screenshots you took to


Thank you!