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Our IG Influencer list includes over 6,000 accounts and email addresses of Instagram influencers with experience as affiliates!

This influencer list includes REAL, active influencer email addresses ranging from 4,000 to over 1,000,000+ followers!

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Stop Wasting Time Manually Browsing For Influencers

Premium, Sales Focused IG Influencer Lists

Tired of browsing Instagram and doing manual outreach, feeling like you’ll never be efficient? Get our list of over 6,000 influencers that have active affiliate experience. You’ll get email addresses, phone numbers, average likes/comments and so much more! Growing your influencer and affiliate sales shouldn’t be this easy, but it is!

Why This List of IG Influencer Emails?

When searching for influencers to help build your brand, it’s critical to identify influencers that have sales in mind. There is a huge difference between an influencer and an influencer with affiliate experience.

Influencers with no affiliate experience don’t care about you actually making money from the relationship. Influencers that are active affiliates understand that the more money YOU make, the more money THEY make.

They’re not just taking money to post on their feed, they’re actively going to focus on SELLING your product. Influencers that are affiliates don’t simply blast their followers with constant promotion. They know that in order for them to succeed, they must nurture their audiences.

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Reuslts From One Influencer in 2 Weeks

Sample of Emails On Our IG Influencer List

Our list of over 6,000 IG influencer email addresses is perfect for brand owners looking to speed up the growth of your influencer or affiliate program. Other sites that give free lists give you exactly what you paid for, garbage or influencers that have millions of followers. You won’t get far at all with mega influencers.

How Do Affiliate Influencers Work?

“Traditional” influencers are those that will take your money, post your product, and move n to the next product without much concern for the results.

Our IG influencer list is full of female influencers that will post your products with clear calls to action. Affiliate relationships give influencers a commission on each sale they generate, typically 10% – 20%. 

It’s important to give higher commissions in the 15% – 20% range to entice this type of influencer. You can use a software like Refersion to onboard these influencers, where they can create tracking codes and links to properly attribute sales.

I would also recommend signing up for the RewardStyle affiliate platform. This platform is where all of these influencers find brands to partner with and generate affiliate links.

Each of these influencers on this list already have experience with RewardStyle, so if you sign up and get your brand there it will create a smooth outreach effort.

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Sample Data From Our IG Influencer List

You will get a spreadsheet with multiple values for each influencer: Name as shown on profile, follower count, public email address, engagement rate, phone number and IG url for you to quickly assess if the influencer would be good fit for your brand. If you would like fully customized IG influencer lists, reach out to colin@sociallaunch.co and I can discuss options with you.

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How To Use This IG Influencer List

There are many ways you can use this list to explode your influencer/affiliate program, but here are the three most common ways.

Method #1: Manual Email Outreach

If you have the time, or someone on your team can take on more work this is the way to go. You or your team member simply come up with an email template and start working your way through our IG influencer list. You can sort by engagement rate, follower count and what type of content they produce to narrow your search.

Once you decide on the group of influencers you want to reach out to, simply start emailing them one-by-one. It can be tedious, but this is the most effective approach because you can personalize each email to get a better response rate.

Start off your email by complimenting them on very specific things about their account. Do they always have picture perfect hair? Do they have an aesthetic that matches your brand perfectly? Do you love the way they style their home? LET THEM KNOW. Everyone likes a compliment, however not everyone appreciates GENERIC compliments, so get specific!

Make sure to have your affiliate program ready to go before you start sending, so if they are interested you can quickly get them their tracking link.

Important: Many of the high level influencers on this list (100k+) will require payment for promotion. Not everyone will simply promote your brand in exchange for free product and 15% commission. If you don’t have a budget for high-follower influencers, I would focus your attention on influencers with smaller follower counts.

Method #2: Automated Email Outreach

If you’re like most people, you don’t have the time to email a few thousand influencers. If that’s the case, I’ve got a magic trick to share with you! You can use the power of automation to do all of the outreach for you.

This autopilot approach requires two things:

An Active G-Suite Account

An Active Mailshake Account

Existing DNS Records: SPF, DKIM and DMARC

We’re going to use Mailshake to set up an outreach template, schedule, and send your outreach emails automatically every weekday, saving you hundreds of hours of manual work.

First, you need to get a Mailshake account and decide which influencers you want to reach out to. I recommend only sending 15-30 automatic emails per day if you’re not used to automated email sending, to protect your domain’s email sender profile. If you go too fast and send out hundreds of emails a day, your domain WILL get flagged for spam. This will make it difficult for ANY of your emails to be delivered to the inbox.

Influencer List Outreach Email Example

Here’s an example of an email a client of mine sends with Mailshake. Within their first week they got multiple influencers with over 150k, 280k and 470k followers to respond and promote their brand without having to pay them anything up front!

This method works best if you are on the Rewardstyle platform as a brand and offer at least 15% in commissions! Ask me about how you can get on the RewardStyle platform.

IG influencer email template

Method #2: Facebook Ads + Refersion

If you have advertised on Facebook before, you’re probably aware of their “Custom Audiences” where you can upload a list of your customer emails. If you don’t know how this works, FB basically allows businesses to upload a list of their contacts or customers. Once uploaded, Facebook tries to match the contact info with a user in their system so they can be directly advertised to.

Facebook typically wants you to only upload your actual customers, so a workaround I have found to be effective is as follows:

  • Upload all influencer emails from our IG influencer list and phone numbers to your email service provider.
  • Set up an automation that automatically moves all uploaded contacts with your tag “influencer list” to a Facebook custom audience.
  • Set the automation to automatically unsubscribe ALL of the influencer contacts after they are added to a Facebook custom audience.
  • Important: Do not keep these emails in your email service provider. Since they did not opt in to your email list you must not send them any broadcasts you’d send to your existing email list. If you blast out 6,000 emails to these influencers, you will likely get marked as spam and your deliverability will take a hit.
email flow
This is what your email-to-FB workflow should look like. Email me if you have questions.

As you can see above, this is how the automated operation should look in your ESP. You can name your new Facebook Custom Audience anything you want for future reference. Once you have all of them moved over into a FB audience, you can start advertising to these influencers!

A good idea is to create a brand video ad that shows off the culture of your brand that links directly to an opt in form or a Refersion sign up page. Refersion is an affiliate management software that can be used with Shopify to tack sales through links and coupon codes. 

For example, with Refersion you can have influencers sign up, give them a coupon code immediately, and anytime someone uses their coupon code to buy from your store, they get a commission. Simple.

The more people you have out promoting your tracking codes, the more sales you will bring in at a very low acquisition cost. If this is all over your head and you want a more hands off approach to growing your influencer/affiliate program. Email us and we’ll get you set up with a custom solution, so you don’t have to struggle with all of the technical details.

Here’s a great example ad from a client that is already seeing great success with this list.

The video is a fun introduction to Nectar as a brand, showcasing all the fun had by employees and customers. It states their brand values but also has a very large call-to-action that let’s the influencers know that they’re offering 15% commissions on every sale.

Depending on your margins, it’s always best to go high to attract the best influencers and affiliates. If you can eat 20%, offer them 20% on each new customer they bring you.

This ad points directly to a Refersion sign up page to collect their information and get them into the affiliate system. Once they come in you can start sending them product to promote on their IG, FB blogs or YouTube channels.

Although this method is one of the most hands off, don’t expect a huge wave of affiliates unless your brand and ad video/copy are a great fit for this crowd. If you’re only going to do your outreach with this method, be prepared to offer a high commission

IG outreach example
Example of a good outreach ad from client Nectar Bath Treats

IG Influencer List FAQ

For a limited time you can purchase this list for just $799. The IG influencer list would literally take you months to compile manually. I also don’t sell this for pennies out of respect for my clients.

If this was sold for cheap, you as a buyer wouldn’t be able to succeed. If thousands of people were emailing this same list the results simply wouldn’t be there.

Great question. There are different methods that can be used to grow your affiliate or influencer program fast with this list. For example, you can add all of the emails to a Facebook Custom Audience and run targeted ads to the list asking them to sign up for your affiliate program. Just link out to your sign up page and watch them flow in!

Another way would be to do manual or automated email outreach. You can simply click through the IG url for each influencer and identify a group to email one by one. A faster way would be to set up an automated outreach sequence with a service like Mailshake, which allows you to have your outreach going on in the background. You just sit back and respond to interested influencers that email you back!

As these influencers are on the RewardStyle platform, they are partial to fashion, skin care and home decor. If you would like a custom list I can generate IG influencer lists specifically for home decor, shoes, fitness & health, moms, and more. Just reach out to colin@sociallaunch.co to request a custom list.

The most effective way to get these influencers working for you is to get on the RewardStyle platform where they belong, and offer a juicy commission of at least 15%. You can compliment them on their style, feed etc, then let them know

1) your brand is currently on the RewardStyle platform and offering x% in commission.

2) Also let them know your in house affiliate program (Refersion) can offer even more to help attract them. These are experienced saleswomen, so the more commission you can offer, the better chance you have of working with them

Yes and No. Although many are active affiliates, some of the higher follower influencers may still request payment for the content creation or opportunity to work with them. This is just how the influencer world works sometime, so use your own judgment to make those calls.

With our IG influencer list having so much great talent on it, you’ll be able to learn fast and get to the point of having a successful program in weeks, not years.

No. Every brand is different so I cannot guarantee success with this list. There are many variables involved like your outreach method, your product fit, and others. What I can guarantee is there is no other list on the market that has such a targeted collection of women that produce stellar content and have active affiliate relationships with brands.

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Get our IG influencer list of over 6,000 premium influencers with affiliate experience. Range of followers between 4k and over 1m!

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