What's Going On Now

Find out what I’m currently up to, learning and implementing for clients to give them massive growth!

What I'm Experimenting With Now

Currently experimenting with few things:

  • Ways to minimize checkout abandons for eCommerce brands. Built a really effective hack for Shopify Plus owners here.
  • Currently testing brand produced videos vs UGC testimonials in FB ads. Results look great so far with the UGC testimonial videos outperforming brand videos by 230%!
  • Testing banner ads with testimonial snippets vs our existing winning banner ads.
  • I recently decided to start selling my ig influencer list and am currently working on a las vegas air duct cleaning website.

What I'm Reading Now

Not currently reading any books at the moment, just testing and experimenting with new marketing strategies with all of my free time. Purchased a bunch of travel books for our trip to Egypt this year though (the gf is doing most of the planning.

What I'm Watching Now

Mostly a mix of NOVA, Nature and Frontline episodes. Also watching The Affair on Amazon Prime with the gf. Great show