Promotional Face Masks

Promotional face masks are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get your brand seen by thousands of potential customers. We offer a fast 10-12 day turnaround and ship anywhere in the United States!

Why Promotional Face Masks?

The COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing, and mask mandates likely won’t be stopped until mass immunity is reached in late 2021 or 2022. This means that the ONE accessory everyone will be wearing for the next two years are face masks. 

This allows local business owners and large national brands to get their logo and branding to be seen by potential prospects at grocery stores, at restaurants and running ALL of their errands.

If consumers have to wear face masks, shouldn’t they be wearing one with your brand?

We also have bulk PPE supplies available including disposable face masks, bulk hand sanitizer, blank bulk face masks and other critical supplies that ship fast!

Our Selection of Promotional Face Masks

Unlike other promotional face mask providers in the industry, our face masks provide a layer of non woven, ultra protective material with a BFE rating over 95%. This makes our masks far superior in terms of protection, making your customers safer than if they were wearing a standard cloth face mask. Check out our three styles below to see what option suits your needs best.

custom face mask blue

Executive 3 Layer Face Masks

Our premium version comes with 2 layers of cloth protection, and a non woven, ultra protective inner layer. Starting at just $2.80 per mask!

promotional two layer face mask

Two Layer Face Masks

Our two layer face masks come with a durable outer layer, and a non woven inner layer for the best two layer protection on the market. Starting at just $1.90 per mask!

custom face mask blue

Economy 3 Layer Face Masks

Our economy version comes with the same level of protection but are made with more affordable materials. This budget. friendly mask starts at just $2.40 per mask!

“Our masks shipped fast and look better than I expected. We purchased 1,500 of the executive style for our employees and their family members. I was a little difficult to deal with but Colin was really patient and they came out looking fantastic. Thank you!”

David M. ~ Safety Director | Dallas, TX

How to Utilize Promotional Face Masks For Your Business

There are a number of ways to use promotional face masks to help your business grow and stay top of mind throughout the pandemic. 

Here are just a few ways to incorporate promotional face masks in your marketing.

  • Send 10 packs to your existing customers to use in their daily activities, letting them know you were thinking of them and wanting them to stay safe.
  • Use your branded face masks as an incentive for booked appointments or quotes. Chances are our high filtration masks are safer than the masks they’re currently using.
  • Bars, restaurants and other businesses that have been impacted by COVID can even purchase branded or custom face masks to sell to customers to add an additional, much needed revenue stream.
  • Ecommerce brands can also add their own branded face masks to each order as a thank you or as an in cart upsell to boost revenue while helping customers stay safe!
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“The virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity, for example, coughing, speaking, or sneezing, even if those people were not exhibiting symptoms.”

~ Dr. Jerome Adams | United States Surgeon General

Promotional Face Mask Quote Form

If you are interested in a custom quote for our promotional face masks, please fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you asap. To expedite the process and get your masks faster, please upload a .png logo file so we can create a mockup of your custom masks.

Promotional Face Masks FAQ

Here is a collection of our most frequently asked questions about promotional face masks. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. If you would like a mockup, please email a .png or .ai logo file and we can get you a mockup within 24 hours.

How Fast Will I Receive My Promotional Face Masks?

Once we receive your final logo or design file, we will have your custom face masks produced and shipped out within 7 days.

If you want to get a printed sample of the face mask before the order, that is possible. Please allow an additional 3-5 days for delivery of your sample. 

Wee have a fast turnaround time because we’re not having your masks printed in China. For this reason we can also offer expedited shipping, which would cut thee delivery time down to just 4-5 days after the final design is approved!

Where Are The Custom Face Masks Produced?

All of our promotional face masks are engineered in the United States and shipped from our factory in Mexico. Due to the recent USMCA (US Mexico Canada Agreement), processing times have been reduced significantly. 

This allows your business to receive delivery of your masks within as little as 7 days!

Most other companies that have pricing as low as ours are having them made in Vietnam or China, which can take weeks to be delivered. 

Can I Buy Promotional Face Masks For My Employees?

Yes! We offer three distinct styles of promotional face masks. Our executive style is the longest lasting and is perfect for employees of consumer facing businesses.

We’ve worked with some of the largest organizations in the US and Mexico to produce stunning branded masks for employees.

Most of our customers will order the executive masks for their employees, and the two layer masks for their sales incentives, giveaways and sales.

Be sure to learn about federal guidelines to protect your business from any potential lawsuits. Information can be found on O.S.H.A.’s website.

Your Prices Are Low, So Will These Masks Actually Protect People From COVID?

Yes, we do have a competitive advantage by having our own factory in Mexico. This explains the phenomenal pricing, and each mask is made with one non woven layer.

These non woven inner layers have a bacterial filtration efficiency (B.F.E.) rating of over 95%, making them much more protective than standard cloth masks.

Standard three ply cotton or polyester masks do NOT have this level of protection, so ours ensure a beautiful design AND superior protection from airborne COVID particles.

How Many Times Can I Wash These Masks?

Our three layer promotional face masks (Executive & Economy styles) can withstand around 15-20 washes. Our two layer masks can usually withstand 10-15 full washes before starting to degrade.

If you are giving these to employees, we recommend purchasing at least 7 per employee to avoid any legal issues that could arise from not providing enough protective masks for them.

Only providing one mask per employee and hoping they wash them every day is not a responsible way to protect them during a pandemic that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives already.

Can You Make Custom Quantities?

Yes! The quantities listed on the site are where we typically break on price. We can do any number of promotional masks depending on which style you choose. Our minimum order quantities are below:

Executive Style (3 Layer): 1,000

Economy Style (3 Layer): 1,000

Promotional Style (2 Layer): 5,000

We can make adjustments to our minimums, however you can expect to pay a higher price peer unit if we go lower than our minimums. Contact us via email, live chat or phone to discuss options and custom pricing.